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Our Process

Our recruitment process is seamless, effective, and specific to your needs. Once you compile all your qualifications and the job description is approved, our candidate search begins.

We follow a rigorous recruiting and screening process that includes reviewing and filtering every single application we receive to guarantee we do not miss any great candidates or invest time on the profiles that are not suited to your needs.

Our human resources experts and managers conduct extensive interviews before you even see the first resume. We apply soft skills, English, and personality tests, including evaluating their computer literacy and typing speed. Then, once we are sure we have the candidate(s) you are looking for, we set up a final interview, send you the candidate’s resume and suggested questions that might help you during the interview.

Once you fall in love with the candidate as we did, we will start the new employee enrollment process, including sending out your offer. Before their first day, we make sure they have all the training they need to succeed. 

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Demonstrate that you are qualified for the positions you are applying for by taking the below assessments. Use the below interview guides to prepare for your interview.