RTM Success Stories

Success Stories

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Saul Coronado

l joined Gordian Staffing in August 2020 and since the first day I felt welcomed, when I got to know the company’s culture I felt even more comfortable. I have always felt backed in regards of my relationship with my customer and constantly find help and support when I need it. Working for Eclipse property management over the last 19 months has been an amazing experience. I learned a lot about the property management business, and I have been motivated to get involved in all the processes and grow within the company, but mostly I’ve known great people and have become part of a wonderful team. Throughout the years I’ve developed skills that have helped me achieve great results, and recently I was promoted to Operations Manager. My favorite part of working for Gordian staffing is the support I receive any time I need it, and the encouragement to learn and to be proactive with my customer.

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Paola Aguilar

I just recently celebrated my first anniversary with Gordian as an Accounts Receivable Analyst for an HOA Management company. Before joining, I had been on the search for a company and a position that would allow for a good work-life balance, and I believe I found the perfect place within Gordian. Working remotely does not mean you are not a part of a team, and I have always felt like a part of the team since day one. I enjoy working for a company that values my work ethic and takes into consideration my input or any suggestions I may have. My team, which includes both other remote Gordian employees, onsite client employees, and I, make sure to have constant communication which makes it feel almost as if we are all in the same office. The client has been challenging and rewarding. I have not only grown professionally, but I have also been able to implement the skills I have gained into my personal life. Working for a company that shows trust in its employees is refreshing, and I am happy to be a part of Gordian!