Case Studies – Our Clients

How Our Remote Team Members Have Helped Our Clients:

Collins Management

“I have been working with Gordian Staffing for almost a year and I couldn’t be more pleased. One thing that COVID has taught us, is that remote workers are here to stay, and Gordian offers excellent remote team members at a fraction of the cost of local talent. Using their virtual assistants, we have greatly enhanced our admin and management support, which has resulted in less burnout locally. The virtual employees are easy to train, and over time they become more and more valuable as they integrate into your company. We are so happy that we are getting read to hire our second assistant! For our company, this has been a game changer”

~Paul Collins, Collins Management

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Clearview Property Management

Two business people working on a laptop in an office.

After Gordian Staffing

As Clearview hired RTMs to work departmental positions, its domestic property managers were able to focus their attention on growth and client relationships. Turnover plummeted, and Clearview’s property managers felt more balanced and organized, demonstrating that the value that Gordian’s RTMs bring to the table deeply benefits every member of the company.

In 2018, Clearview Property Management began hiring RTMs through Gordian Staffing. At the time they started, they had 300 units under management, with six domestic employees. In less than 18 months, Clearview changed from six domestic employees to two domestic employees and six RTMs and increased their unit count to 600 units and 25 HOAs.
38% Reduction In Payroll Costs
60% Increase In Staff

City Wide Janitorial

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After Gordian Staffing

The owner now lives out of state, and the business is run by his core team. In 2019, the business did $2.8M in revenue and cleared $850,000 in profit. The business has files on over 5,000 commercial buildings in the area and has expanded into two new areas of service. The owner attends two departmental meetings a week via video call and is otherwise free of the day-to-day operations. His time is able to be spent on making valuable network connections and charting a course for the future of the company. 

CWJ has been a Gordian client since 2017. A building services company with a mountain of debt from the purchase and minimal cash flow as a result. At the time, the owner was working eighty hours a week and had gone through four secretaries in six months with no other support staff. The company had been run with paper and pencil and had no cloud-based records from the previous owner. Once the last secretary quit, the owner turned to Gordian for help.
71% Reduction In Payroll Costs
100% Increase In Staff

Client Testimonials

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