FAQs – Our Clients

We take care of all filings, pay all taxes, provide above law benefits, allowing you to find a better quality candidate. While you may get lucky hiring direct or paying as an independent contractor for entry level positions, as the company grows, you are going to want to attract better candidates and higher-level positions. Think about hiring someone domestically and offering them $90K, but no benefits, no actual employment and you have to pay them under the table. We wouldn’t say you’ll never find someone, but it would be difficult.

We also insulate you from liability since you’re not the direct employer, and invoices are tax deductible in the event of an audit because they’re to a legitimate staffing company instead of paying someone under the table.

As part of the placement fee, we provide a laptop, second screen and a USB phone headset. If you want them to have something different like a printer, alternate headset, upgraded laptop, etc., let us know and we can purchase it and add it to your next invoice.

It depends on the complexity of the position and how many positions we are trying to fill, but 2-4 weeks from signing the contract to the RTM start date is a good estimate.

Pretty much anything that doesn’t require someone to be there in person can be filled. Our most common positions are: Secretary, Administrative Assistant, Customer Service Rep, Bookkeeper, and Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Clerk.

This is a difficult question as the retention rate depends largely on how organized the client is and how well prepared they are to add an RTM to their work force. However, we generally see 90% retention rate after one year.

Yes. All of our RTMs speak, understand, read, and write English. The question of accent depends on the nature of the work. We have some candidates that have lived in the US or Canada and have a minimal accent, others have a stronger accent but can still be clearly understood. Be sure to discuss your needs with the Account Rep and decide how much time they will be spending on the phone.

No, Gordian functions as a PEO for the RTMs, filing all necessary paperwork, paying all taxes, benefits, and retirement contributions. You will be billed every other Friday in one simple payment.

We work to ensure that expectations are clear on both sides and keep communication open between the RTM and the Client. However, we know that sometimes it’s not a good fit. We do check ins at 7, 14, 30, 60 and 90 days. If an RTM is not working out during the first 90 days, we will replace them with no additional fee.

While this may not be a comprehensive list, most questions can be answered by asking what you would do with a domestic employee. Please reach out with any additional questions.