About Us

Our Business Is To Take Care Of You

In today’s competitive job market, you need an edge to stand out as a potential employee. The best way to do that is to demonstrate your qualifications and long-term dedication. Gordian Staffing provides you with the tools to showcase what you would bring to an employer.

Gordian Staffing is more than a traditional staffing company. We focus on giving employees the tools they need to be successful in a long-term employment opportunity.

We follow a rigorous recruiting and screening process when hiring applicants, provide you with office equipment, full benefits, ongoing training, and social events to maintain a strong community. And because all positions are remote, this affords you a lot of flexibility and options for employment.

If you are searching for long-term employment, let Gordian Staffing support you to find the right position that is waiting for you! 

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How We Started

Rob Buffington, President of Gordian Staffing, is a business owner in the United States. He once struggled to find top talent for his business. Not only that, but the hiring process was lengthy, and the overhead costs were piling up.

Rob, with the help of his team, developed Gordian Staffing to simplify the hiring process. By fine-tuning the hiring process, he set out to help skilled, experienced employees find ideal employment opportunities.

Gordian Staffing understands the difficulties of the hiring process. Partnering with us ensures you are equipped to put your best foot forward to find the long-term employment opportunity for you.

We focus on hiring Remote Team Members from
Mexico and the Philippines

At Gordian Staffing, we’re committed to sourcing top talent from around the globe to meet the diverse needs of our clients. That’s why we’ve strategically focused our remote team recruitment efforts on two powerhouse locations: Mexico, and the Philippines. 

In both Mexico and the Philippines, our Remote Team Members (RTMs) thrive in dynamic environments tailored to excellence. Mexico boasts a robust economy driven by software, electronics, and digital components production, offering an ideal landscape for business growth. Meanwhile, the Philippines stands as the world’s BPO capital, renowned for its extensive pool of English-proficient professionals and over 700 outsourcing companies contributing to its thriving economy. 

By tapping into these vibrant talent hubs, we ensure our clients receive top-quality services from skilled professionals who excel in their respective fields, all while maintaining cost-effective solutions to bolster your business’s profitability.