It’s no secret that the job market as it stands is a competitive one. Gordian Staffing breaks down some of those statistics and how we can help. According to a Robert Half survey of more than 2,000 hiring managers at companies in the U.S., these are the hiring challenges employers are facing in 2024:

Finding Talent with Required Skills: 55%

At Gordian Staffing, we understand the importance of quality recruitment. Our team is dedicated to delivering candidates that match your specific needs through a rigorous screening process. Your success is our priority.

Finding Professionals Willing to Work On-Site: 46%

At Gordian Staffing, we offer a solution. We hire experienced remote employees from Mexico and the Philippines, saving you the trouble of searching in your area while giving you access to a global talent pool. Let us bring the talent to you.

Finding Good Matches with Company Culture: 50%

We go the extra mile to ensure the perfect fit. We screen for personality and culture fit, provide ongoing training, and host engaging social events. Our top-notch HR team is dedicated to keeping your employees happy and engaged.

Meeting Candidates’ Salary Expectations: 46%

It’s crucial to meet candidates’ salary expectations at Gordian Staffing. That’s why we offer above market salaries and benefits packages, ensuring our employees are well taken care of. Thanks to the lower cost of living outside the US, we can provide these great opportunities at 40-60% payroll savings.

Hiring challenges employees face in 2020.
Source: "Hiring challenges employers face in 2024." Robert Half 2024 Salary Guide.

Your hiring process shouldn’t be scary.

It’s Simple. Our recruitment process is seamless, effective, and specific to your needs. We find high-quality, experienced, remote employees so you don’t have to. Quality talent, excellent benefits, and budget-friendly solutions – that’s Gordian Staffing. 


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