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We are excited to introduce Gordian Business Solutions.


To better serve our clients who utilize our multiple companies and services: Gordian Staffing, Gordian Financial, Gordian Consulting and Gordian Shared Services, we are excited to introduce an umbrella brand, Gordian Business Solutions.

We are the same company, with the same values, now under a new name.


Our Business Is to Take Care of Yours – All in ONE.

Does your business need help? We have a solution for you. We were founded to help businesses take control and achieve peace of mind. Gordian Business Solutions allows you to spend more time focusing on what matters the most, growing your business.

We’re Integrating!

We have helped countless other companies craft creative and effective solutions to their problems and are adept at cutting through the Gordian knot, so to speak.

We’ve helped clients guide their business, manage their accounting, find permanent remote talent, and assisting with company projects.

    Our services include:

  • Staffing
  • Financial
  • Consulting
  • Shared Services

What to expect:

Our Brand:

This new brand will create uniformity of our portfolio of companies and will work alongside each division in an integrated manner, while still maintaining the existing structures of Gordian Staffing, Gordian Financial, Gordian Consulting, and Gordian Shared Services.

Leadership: Our leadership team will continue to focus on setting your company up for success through exceptional service, integrity, and professionalism.


Our goal is to better serve our clients and their businesses. While we work to unify our brand across our portfolio of companies and services, you should continue to proceed with your usual operations and points of contact.


We have seen tremendous expansion with the launch of new services, the addition of many talented team members, and with a plethora of new opportunities on the horizon, we can confidently anticipate continued growth in 2023 and 2024.

Let us continue to take care of your business. All in ONE.

230331 GORDIAN_Business Solutions-COLOR RGB_SIN FONDO

Please excuse our website as it is going through maintenance to reflect our new brand. We will provide updates to this page as they become available.

Make sure you’re following our new company page on LinkedIn:

For questions about our recent integration, or to inquire about our solutions for you:

Please contact our team: (989)-467-3426, or email ClientCare@GordianBusinessSolutions.com