We provide the employees that are right for your business, no matter what industry you are in. With our remote workforce of college-educated and well-spoken professionals from Guadalajara, Mexico – we can offer low-cost rates with high-quality results! Our employees will not only grow as a part of your team, but also help grow your company.

Our Most Popular Positions

Customer service representative

Administrative Assistant

Incoming/Outgoing Sales Representative

Research and Data Entry


Assistant Community Manager

Escrow Administrator

Maintenance Coordinator

In addition to finding skilled candidates to fit your needs, we provide a quality work environment with a complete set up so that even though they are far away, they still have the same structure that they would get in a normal office. They are provided with top-of-the-line computers, phones, and office equipment to meet their needs. We also provide full benefits, social events with other employees in similar fields, and ongoing training with block classes each month on subjects like advanced customer service or organizational practices.

Our Process

Our recruitment process is seamless, effective, and specific to your needs. Once you compile all your qualifications and the job description is approved, our candidate search begins.


We follow a rigorous recruiting and screening process that includes reviewing and filtering every single application we receive to guarantee we do not miss any great candidates or invest time on the profiles that are not suited to your needs.


Our human resources experts and managers conduct extensive interviews before you even see the first resume. We apply soft skills, English, and personality tests, including evaluating their computer literacy and typing speed. Then, once we are sure we have the candidate(s) you are looking for, we set up a final interview, send you the candidate’s resume and suggested questions that might help you during the interview.


Once you fall in love with the candidate as we did, we will start the new employee enrollment process, including sending out your offer. Before their first day, we make sure they have all the training they need to succeed.

What Makes Us Unique

Invaluable training

By their first day with your office, they’re set up and ready to succeed. Employees are tested and brought up to speed on:

American Culture

Local Software Training

Customer Service Basics

Creating Software Logins

Review company website

company history & culture

Office walk around

meet the co-workers

Benefits of Using Gordian

More Than Just A Staffing Company


Unlike many staffing companies who only connect candidates with employers and hope for the best, Gordian’s consulting has helped dozens of businesses over the years transform their organization into the best version of themselves. Both consulting and staffing are run by the same management team so that the expertise is shared, and we can provide a full-service solution.


Enjoy smooth employee training, low turnover, quality output, a well-structured organization, secure and fulfilled employees, and the success you have been working so hard for. We are truly here to help every step of the way and we are extremely interested in seeing you in your company excel.


If you are not able to step away from operations long enough to prepare for an RTM you can hire Gordian to connect with your staff, document or build out your processes, create necessary scripts, build checklists, and more. We have helped countless other companies craft creative and effective solutions to their problems and are adept at cutting through the Gordian knot, so to speak.


If you are interested in having Gordian work with your organization to help document and maximize your processes and procedures, untangle your Org Chart, facilitate employee synergy and collaboration, or whatever else you feel is your company’s current bottleneck, please reach out to us for a consultation.

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