Why do we think the POD Style is a better Structure for your HOA Management Company?


Staffing is changing in the HOA industry – no one is surprised to hear this. HOA management has always been a high turnover industry. Two years into COVID, people’s expectations have shifted wildly. Both on the employee side and on the client side. Employees expect more flexibility in their work, and more independence while simultaneously having more support. This puts pressure on the employers to find a new way to manage staff. Clients have begun to expect instantaneous high-touch solutions to their needs, no matter how small. As employees continue to leave and clients continue to expect more, how do we meet this challenge?

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How to Listen to Your Employees?


As a leader of your organization, it is important that you make room for listening to your employees. Apart from the fact that this is one of the characteristics of being a good leader, it also establishes the trust, respect, and clarity that make up successful relationships and creates a healthy work environment. Hearing what your employees have to say is important especially if you are in a remote work environment. In a standard office setup, it’s much easier for the leaders or managers to gather employee feedback because you are all in the same workplace. It’s easy to drive engagement and capture their accomplishments and experiences. Unlike in the situation today where most of the employees are working remotely, how can you ensure that you understand their situation?

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How to Keep Remote Employees Accountable?

The sudden closure of many offices and businesses this past year unlocked a new era of remote work for millions of employees around the world. It is now the time for businesses to bounce back and seize the new opportunities emerging in the recovery. This includes hiring remote workers and making your business a remote-ready company.

This kind of setup will be a huge adjustment for you and your employees. If this is your first time managing remote employees, navigating and ensuring that employees are productive, engaged, and thriving can be scary. This transition to remote communication removes the personal context that helps the employers and employees interact with each other.

One of the common issues when managing a remote team is answering a simple question – “what is my team working on?”

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The Economics of High Turnover

No company wants to be known as the “churn and burn” company. While people joining and leaving companies isn’t new, the culture that we find ourselves in has drastically increased the turnover rates of most companies. So now more than ever, the real challenge that every organization faces is ensuring employees remain working effectively and productively. There are many reasons why someone would leave an organization and some are largely unavoidable. But the operational hassle of finding and hiring someone else and the extra workload and responsibilities for the rest of the team is something that every company must be prepared for.

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Data Security

The world is getting more digital. While we’re not at WALL-E levels yet, it’s also not as humorous as it once was. Every week we get a notification telling us how much screen time we used last week and we cringe. And while all of this connectivity is great, it also means that when someone gets into your digital life, they have access to everything if you’re not careful.  The greatest danger is no longer accepting that friend request from a high school alum that has an exciting new opportunity for you.:

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